Woman's Health Clients

What patients say

"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful care you gave me throughout the process and my pregnancy. I believe it is largely responsible for my health and undramatic pregnancy,  You did much more than introduce me to acupuncture - each visit you gave me ideas about nutrition and health that I am carrying on beyond pregnancy. I am so grateful I found you!"

"Dearest Dr. Joyce, Thank you for all you've done over the last few months - your wise counsel, your sage advice, and  witty repartee."

"I can't thank you enough for everthing I truly believe the acupuncture helped make it happen.  Your encouraging words and support meant so much."

"Thank you for helping to bring our little Matt into the world.  We are so gratetful and feel the acupuncture made a difference."

"Thank you so much for your help with the acupuncture treatments.  They were a big help in brining our wonderful babies into the world!"

"Dr.A, our baby girl was born yesterday.  We are both doing great.  She's amazing.  Can't wait for you to meet her.  Thank you for everything.  It has meant a lot to have you through this journey"

"Dr. A.  Thank you so much for being a voice of reason and acupuncturist rolled into one!  I feel so lucky to have met you."

"Dr. Joyce, I am sitting outside on this glorious day rembering when I was not yet pregnant.  I truly believe you had a big part in creating this little miracle and I will forever be grateful.  Thank you for always listening, guiding and keepining me on track."

Symptom Management Clients

"Thank you Dr. A, I'm feeling so much better.  My intestinal bloating has gone down significantly.  You have been very helpful and encouraging." 

"You are so knowledgeable about IBS.  It's been so helpful to not only get acupuncture but also to be able to discuss the FODMAP and gluten free diets I've been on.  I like the fact that while you are a skilled acupuncturist you are an experienced health care provider and respect classic medicine.